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Who is OnceHub?

In the hare and the tortoise fable we like to think of ourselves as the tortoise. Not in the sense of being slow, but in the sense of being consistent in the pursuit of our long-term goals.

Here are some of the key traits that make us a good tortoise…


Oncehub - No Investors

OnceHub is a company that has never taken any outside funding. The company was initially bootstrapped by its founders, and since the release of its first product a decade ago it has been operating solely on customer revenue. Relying on customers for revenue promotes a culture that is focused on long-term customer success rather than short-term gain.


Oncehub - Work from Home

OnceHub was founded as a work from home company. This was way before remote work was popular. Today we have approximately 200 employees spread across six countries: USA, Ireland, Israel, South Africa, India, and Colombia. We will continue to be a work from home company for the foreseeable future since the cultural benefits of being remote and inclusive is deeply embedded in our DNA.


Oncehub - Efficient Cost Structure

Having never taken any funding, we had to be profitable from day one. This forced us to create an efficient cost structure that was further strengthened with our remote workforce and the savings from not needing to maintain offices. These savings are passed over to our customers through our fair pricing and friendly policies.


Oncehub - Diverse and inclusive workforce

Being a remote company has provided us with the opportunity to build a diverse workforce with multiple national cultures. This has taught us to listen to and respect others and their opinions. Our employees know their voice matters and we have created a culture where decisions are only made after considering multiple opinions and viewpoints.


Oncehub - Fair pricing

Since we are funded by our customers, a long term win-win relationship with them is critical. Those who cannot afford to pay for our services can use our very generous freemium plan. Customers who upgrade to a paid version only pay for the engagement options they use. Any billing changes can always be made via self-service including deletion of their OnceHub account.


Oncehub - Always Available

Our strong connection with our customers is put to the test when they need us. Whether reaching out for support, onboarding help, or looking to schedule a discovery session, our team is always here to help. Our support team is available 24/7 with a quick turnaround. Our sales team is available to speak with prospects via live chat or a scheduled meeting.

Meet the management team

Gilad Goraly

Gilad Goraly

Chief Product Officer

Mia Blom

Mia Blom

Human Resources

Steve Smith

Steve Smith

Chief Information Officer

Aviram Hinenzon

Aviram Hinenzon

Chief Marketing Officer

Nalin Garg

Nalin Garg

Senior Director

Monique Platts

Monique Platts

Customer Success Director

Rami Goraly

Rami Goraly

Chief Executive Officer

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