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For existing ScheduleOnce users

Existing ScheduleOnce users will notice the following changes:

1. New website, new videos

The ScheduleOnce website has been completely redesigned with new content and videos that explain our new offerings. We recommend that you take a few minutes to review the content and especially the new videos.

2. Signup required

ScheduleOnce now requires users to signup with their Google or Facebook ID. This is necessary in order to support the new inbound scheduling capabilities.

Important: To see all your past ScheduleOnce meetings make sure to sign in with the same Google email address that you used for your past meetings. If the email address that you used with your past meetings is not a Google address you can open a Facebook account (and disable it later) on that email address and then sign in with Facebook - you will then see all your meetings in your account.

3. Add-ons are no longer required

In previous releases there was no signup and we didn't have the concept of a user account. We used browser add-ons to aggregate the user's invitations. In this new release every user has a personal home page that includes all inbound and outbound meeting invitations. As such, the add-ons are no longer necessary and we will not be supporting them anymore.

You will see this message in your Add-on:

ScheduleOnce has been upgraded with exciting new capabilities! Your add-on is no longer required.

To access your meetings sign in to ScheduleOnce with your Google ID.

Makes sure to sign into ScheduleOnce with the same Google email that you used when you created your past meeting invitations, and you will see all your meeting invitations in your home page. From there you can continue to work as usual and uninstall your add-on.

4. Reconnect your Google Calendar

Due to the infrastructure change you will need to reconnect your Google calendar.