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ScheduleOnce 4.2 is live - Scheduling under your own brand

It is a known fact that the best leads are those that come to you and not the ones you chase. These leads have a clear compelling event and are looking for quick and professional engagement with your business. Using online appointment scheduling to capture appointments with website visitors will quickly identify those high-quality leads by giving them a direct channel to professionally engage with your business.

To that extent, we would like to enable our customers to use ScheduleOnce as a completely integral part of their own brand, so that the ScheduleOnce brand does not stand in between you and your customers. Just like a white-labeled solution, our new branded experience features will allow you to capture appointments with leads and customers under your own brand and process:

Brandless embed: Embed the core interaction component of a MeetMe or BookNow page without the profile information frame, the header, and any mentioning of ScheduleOnce. See a live example.

Custom website buttons: Create professional call to action buttons that can be added to any web page or used as a floating button at the bottom right corner of your website.

Automatic redirect upon booking submission: Automatically redirect to a web page of your choice when the booking is submitted. This can be used to redirect to a thank you/landing page and also as a means to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns by adding tracking code such as Adwords or Google Analytics code to the target page.

To complete this experience you can also customize the name label on emails that are sent to your customers and provide an end-to-end scheduling experience which is all under your brand.

Branded experience features are available in Professional or higher plans. To see the full list of features in this new release please see the What’s new in ScheduleOnce 4.2 article.

To learn more about Branded experience features please see the Branded experience article.