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ScheduleOnce 8.9 is live - Meetings with multiple subject experts

We're excited to announce ScheduleOnce 8.9!

Customers come to your organization with complex needs. To provide them with the best solution, you may need to schedule multiple team member meetings. This can lead to scheduling nightmares. You have to determine which team members need to attend--whether specific people or anyone from a specific department--and juggle each team members' availability. After several rounds of back-and-forth, you find a time and the meeting is booked. But then, something comes up and you have to start all over again to reschedule.

End-to-end support for panel meetings

ScheduleOnce 8.9 eliminates this scheduling nightmare. We now offer end-to-end support for panel meetings, from the initial booking through to cancellations and rescheduling. With panel meetings, you can allow customers to simply book a time to meet with multiple team members simultaneously. When a client clicks on your scheduling link, they will see availability for all possible panel combinations. Panels can include specific team members that you have chosen, or alternatively, they can include team members that are automatically assigned from selected resource pools. Once a booking is scheduled, all attendees will receive a notification and an event will be added to their calendars.

Should something come up, panel meetings can now be canceled or rescheduled seamlessly. If a customer cannot make it, they can simply click on the cancel/reschedule link from any email notification and pick a new time. If a team member needs to reschedule, you can request your customer to select a new time. Customers will see all availability for alternative time slots and be able to choose one that works for them. All panelists will be notified and the calendar event will be updated.

Coordinating panel meetings will become effortless and your customers will appreciate how easy it is to schedule with your team.

To learn more about this release, watch our webinar or read our article on What’s new in ScheduleOnce 8.9.

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