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Scheduling through all phases of the customer lifecycle

Guiding prospects and customers through the customer lifecycle is an art form. It takes careful thought as to how you capture new leads and engage them at different stages on their journeys. Online scheduling can help accelerate time-to-engagement at each one of these stages. Follow these tips on how to best offer online scheduling throughout the customer lifecycle.

Lead generation

At this phase, prospects are just starting to learn about your product or service. Most likely, they are looking at multiple solutions to fulfill their need and will be browsing your website to see if your organization can provide the best solution. Quick engagement can make all the difference in helping prospects with their decision making. Online scheduling allows you to instantly engage website visitors. You can place scheduling calls-to-action on key pages, or offer online scheduling to leads who fill out your form. This gives leads a direct path to connect with your team, ultimately accelerating time-to-engagement, and increasing contact rates with serious leads.

Lead qualification

Once a lead has shown interest in your product or service, you need to qualify them to find out who is serious about becoming a customer. You can do this by offering leads online scheduling in your email marketing campaigns or via personal invitations. Each email recipient receives a personalized scheduling link. Leads can simply click the link, select a time, and the meeting will be seamlessly added to their calendar. Leads who are ready to engage will appreciate the easy method for connecting with your team and will be filtered for you. This saves you time, allowing you to effectively use your resources to engage and qualify your hottest leads.

Customer onboarding and success

When a prospect becomes a customer, a smooth onboarding process has the power to secure long-term trust and loyalty. You want to provide your new customers with all the tools they need to adopt your technology in the shortest amount of time. This means you need to offer setup, training, and installation sessions. With online scheduling, you can allow customers to schedule these sessions from your lifecycle email campaigns, from within your portal or app, or from an online training catalog. If you have VIP customers who work directly with a designated Account Executive, your AEs can schedule onboarding sessions on behalf of VIPs. This is a great way to ensure VIPs get the treatment they deserve and that no new customers fall through the cracks.

At every stage in the customer lifecycle, online scheduling can help you increase conversion rates, accelerate sales cycles and increase customer satisfaction.

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