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Instantly enable secure web conferencing with our native integration

Integration type

  • Native

Available on

  • All plans

Use cases

  • Video conferencing

Google Meet is a cloud-based web conferencing system designed to make meetings between you, your customers, and colleagues easy and secure. It allows for multiple meeting participants, screen sharing, recording, and in-meeting chat, so it’s a great fit for OnceHub users. 

Booking meetings in OnceHub is effortless, and the “nice and simple” starts early – with integration. Our native connector makes light work of linking your Google Meet account to our platform, instantly bringing on board all the web conferencing features your team has come to rely on when meeting with customers, colleagues, and candidates online. 

From there on, our integration completely automates the provisioning of Meet sessions, ensuring smooth scheduling of all meeting types requiring video.

Benefits of using OnceHub with Google Meet

Automatic booking of private Meet sessions

OnceHub completely automates setup of a unique Meet session for each meeting. It also confirms all necessary details with participants and updates their calendars.

Support for all meeting types

Whether it’s a one-on-one meeting or group session, hybrid or fully remote, our Google Meet integration can handle everything, including reserving rooms and equipment.

Realtime notifications

Automated reminders and follow-up messages via email or text message save you time and help reduce meeting no-shows.

Canceling and rescheduling

When a meeting is canceled or rescheduled, OnceHub automatically updates participants with a cancellation notice or new Meet session details.

Secure OAuth connection

OnceHub uses OAuth 2.0 to establish a secure connection with Google Calendar, so participants can connect to Meet without sharing their credentials with anyone.

Nice and simple

Scheduling appointments with OnceHub is quick, easy, and eliminates the tedious back and forth associated with finding a time that works for everyone. Now, meetings can be set up in seconds and start on time, with no initial technical set up required.

Google Meet integration through Zapier

OnceHub offers a native Google Meet connection for automatic web conferencing setup and a streamlined meeting lifecycle, but you can also choose to integrate using Zapier.

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