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Cloud based scheduling software

What is cloud based scheduling software

Before the introduction of cloud computing and the widespread availability of mass data and information, things were handled a little differently. Usually, organizations maintain their own physical servers within their premises to handle computing tasks and store data. These servers were responsible for processing and storing data, running applications, and managing network infrastructure. There were also instances of client-service architecture, private networks, and of course the dreaded physical backups on local storage devices. If you haven’t personally faced critical storage loss on an external hard-drive with a wonky USB protruding from its scratched casing you truly haven’t lived. 

Now, however, things are done a little differently and for the most part, it is almost unequivocally for the better. While cloud storage and computing does come with major risks of data breaches by way of hackers and digital opportunists, the ease of access it affords the majority of users is something truly magnificent and revolutionary. 

The benefits of going cloud based far outweigh the negatives, and the vast majority of digital services and applications simply wouldn't be what they are today without it. 


Here’s why we embraced cloud computing to bring you a smarter approach to scheduling

OnceHub is a cloud based scheduling software that can be used without downloading or installing any software. This makes it easy to integrate online scheduling with your overall application environment.

Today, almost all software used in your business are cloud based, so it makes sense that scheduling should be cloud based too. OnceHub cloud based scheduling software seamlessly connects with all your cloud based applications, including your calendar, CRM, web conferencing system and more.

How OnceHub’s cloud based scheduling software works

When you sign up to OnceHub cloud based scheduling software, you can access your account from your web browser on your PC, Mac, or smartphone. You will create booking pages where your customers can schedule with you directly from the web. Using a cloud based scheduling software ensures that your booking pages are always updated in real time and never go to sleep just because you shut down your computer.

The introduction of cloud computing fully revolutionized tools like OnceHub by providing a range of capabilities and improvements. Firstly, it enabled OnceHub to scale its infrastructure effortlessly based on user demand. Cloud resources allowed our platform to dynamically allocate computing power and storage capacity, ensuring optimal performance during peak usage periods. 

On top of that, cloud computing made OnceHub highly accessible, as users could access its features from anywhere with an internet connection. This eliminated the need for software installations and provided flexibility for users to manage their scheduling and appointments using web browsers or mobile devices. Remember installing all of your software with a CD and having to ascertain whether or not your computer had sufficient specs to match the system requirements? Yeah, that entire process is definitely better left in the past!

Why cloud based software is safer to use

Cloud platforms also offer robust reliability and redundancy, failsafes and extra contingency are becoming increasingly important for software that boasts large user bases. By leveraging cloud infrastructure and ease of access, OnceHub cloud based scheduling software can store data across multiple servers and data centers, majorly reducing the risk of data loss and service disruptions.

Cloud service providers invested heavily in security measures, providing OnceHub with advanced security features such as encryption, access controls, and regular updates. This bolstered the security of customer data and ensured compliance with industry standards.

Cloud computing services offer citizen developers the tools and resources to overcome traditional limitations and barriers in application development. These services provide pre-configured infrastructure, eliminating the need for citizen developers to procure and manage complex hardware and software setups. Cloud platforms offer scalable computing resources, such as virtual machines, storage, and databases, which can be easily provisioned and scaled up or down based on demand.

Try cloud based scheduling today

Our no code meeting solutions and meeting journey builder are an incredible tool in the cache of both experienced and budding no code citizen developers and we’re excited at the new and novel ways people will be making use of them as we continue to expand our core offering. 

If you are looking for a cloud based scheduling software that can be easily integrated with your application environment, start your free trial of OnceHub today.