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OnceHub comes with everything you need to spark a conversation and take it further, online and off, to the delight of your customers and benefit of your bottom line.

Online appointment scheduling

Focus on the business at hand with features to automate booking workflows around the clock in line with your exact preferences

You can’t field inquiries and arrange meetings day and night. Neither should you. With so many demands on your time, it’s crucial to structure your working week strategically. By setting specific availability for meetings, you can avoid distractions and maintain focus on your most important tasks.

OnceHub’s scheduling software saves you hours of hassle by allowing prospects and customers to book consultations, demos, discovery sessions, interviews, or support calls themselves, on your website or through a OnceHub-hosted booking calendar.

Automate appointment scheduling of online, offline, and hybrid meetings with any number of internal and external attendees

Scheduled meetings

Automate scheduling of phone, video, or in-person meetings with any number of internal and external attendees.

One-on-one sessions

Meet privately to address individual customers’ unique needs.

Group sessions
Offer the same time slot to a set number of customers to accommodate lectures, webinars, or sales presentations.
Panel sessions
Draw on the combined expertise of several of your colleagues simultaneously, whatever their location or job title.
Ensure that prospects and customers only book your time when it suits you

Time management controls

Assert full control over your calendar, so you’re always at your productive best, punctual, and prepared.

Two-way calendar sync
Avoid interruptions and double-bookings by connecting one or more calendars and managing your diary from both there and OnceHub. 
Availability settings
Set start times, durations, and intervals. Time slots can be of fixed or of variable length, set on a weekly recurring and/or date-specific basis, per profile or individual booking calendar.
Booking limits
Manage your workload by setting a cap on the number of meetings that can be scheduled with you in a day or week.
Automatically block off time between meetings to take notes and prepare for the next one. Or enjoy a moment to yourself and recharge.
Lead times
Avoid surprises and inconvenience by limiting how short or long a lead time your customers give you to prepare for meetings or make long-term plans.
Opt to approve some bookings before they’re scheduled. Ask customers to suggest multiple time slots and select the one that suits you best. 
Rescheduling policies
Minimize disruption and expense with rules governing when and how your customers can change or cancel meetings on the system.
Booking reassignment
Discretely reassign bookings from one team member to another without impacting the customer experience in any way.
Streamline sales and service engagements with automated confirmations, reminders, and follow-ups

Customer and user notifications

Keep everyone in the know and up to date with automated booking confirmations, reminders, updates, and post-meeting follow-ups.

Booking confirmations
Instantly confirm bookings with all participants, together with all the necessary details, including calendar and video conferencing links.
Reminders and follow-ups
Host several customers at once to save resources or allow attendees to invite fellow stakeholders so they come to a decision faster.
Rescheduling and cancellations
Allow customers to use notifications to adjust dates and times in response to unforeseen events or changes in priorities.
Configurable workflows
Set exactly when each kind of notification is sent, to whom, and over what channels.
SMS and email templates
Customize our default message templates or start from scratch. Neither option requires specialist knowledge.

Get booked now

Launch online appointment scheduling in minutes for immediate results.

Qualification and routing

Enhance appointment scheduling with lead qualification, routing, and resourcing features to drive sales, boost productivity, and streamline collaboration.

You can tell minutes into a meeting whether it’s likely to go anywhere. So, how do you ensure your time is always well spent? It’s easy with OnceHub’s routing forms, which you can configure to ask relevant screening questions and qualify leads before you commit your time and other resources.

Qualified leads and existing customers are automatically routed to individuals or teams based on their seniority, relevant expertise, availability, and workload. Others may be provided with additional reading material or directed elsewhere. It’s all up to you!

Use sophisticated lead qualification and routing for improved decision making

Lead qualification and routing forms

Quiz potential bookers about their situation, advise them on next steps, or connect them with the right person or event – all automatically.

Routing by customer answers
Assess and route opportunities based on website visitors’ current and previous answers to screening questions.
Routing by contact properties
Assess and route opportunities based on information about the contact, whether from default or custom fields.
In-form scheduling experience
Qualify, route, and schedule prospects and customers within the same interactive scheduling form for a simple and seamless experience.
Routing maps
Avoid getting lost in the details of your conversational workflows with a bird’s-eye view of every programmed exchange and outcome.
Pool resources for more efficient appointment scheduling across teams of any size

Resource pools and distribution

Improve your responsiveness to prospects’ and customers’ inquiries while making the most of the resources you have at any given time.

Round robin assignment
Assign meetings to your team members sequentially, either to provide equal access to opportunities or to spread the workload fairly.
Pooled availability
Where your responsiveness and availability to customers is the top priority, assign meetings from a predefined pool of team members.
Priority-based assignment
Automatically put forward the most qualified team member in your resource pool to improve your chances of success.
Dynamic panels
If several colleagues have the necessary expertise, assign them to panels dynamically, rather than reserving a place for a particular individual.

Take the smarter route

Ensure you and your customers’ time is always well spent.

Conversational flows

Moving beyond appointment scheduling into conversational marketing and AI-powered customer assistance, these features position your team at the forefront of innovation in digital customer experience.

Meetings aren’t everything. Conducted online or off, with a human or a machine, rewarding conversations can happen anywhere people feel comfortable asking the questions you’re ready to answer. The challenge is to field those queries at scale – to marry automation’s efficiency with the depth, relevancy, and open-endedness of conversations in the real world.

The instant communication technologies we’ve integrated on our platform help bridge that gap. Combining rules-based workflows and AI-powered chatbots with live chat, instant calls, and scheduled meetings, OnceHub’s conversational journeys builder has everything you need to accelerate and deepen engagements, profitably and at scale.

Engage your audience 24/7 with chatbots and interactive forms


Leap to the front of the crowd with high-impact conversational marketing and customer assistance delivered through AI and structured chatbots.

AI chatbots
Deploy ChatOnce.ai Star 2 to meet and greet visitors, introduce them to your business, make personalized suggestions, and represent your brand in a relatable, natural way.
Structured chatbots
Create rules-based chatbots to capture contact details, ask screening questions, and route prospects to the most appropriate event types or channels.
Conversational scheduling
Use the same chatbots to guide your customers through more complex bookings involving multiple locations, services, and staff members.
Audience targeting
Tailor conversations to different audiences based on website analytics and any previous interactions with your business.
Instantly connect with prospects and customers through live chat and instant video calls

Live engagements

Take the conversation further, faster. Triggered by parameters you set, OnceHub immediately connects website visitors to members of your team through live chat and instant video calls.

Live chat
If an automated conversation looks especially promising and staff are at hand to help, switch to live chat. You’ll steal a march on the competition and demonstrate your commitment to service excellence.
Instant video calls
When a sales opportunity is too good to risk on a future-dated call or an existing customer appears in need of special assistance, dive right in with a prompt to “Meet now”.
Live coordination
Our availability-based routing and instant message alerts always ensure a streamlined experience for your customers and any members of your team who interact with them.

Why wait?

Strike up meaningful conversations with your customers and prospects right now!

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Deployment and branding options for the optimal customer experience.

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Software integrations

Native and third-party connections to the tools your team uses every day.

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Security and compliance

Enterprise-grade security and an add-on packed with advanced features.

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