Core platform features for improved performance and operational efficiency

Flexible publishing options, seamless integrations, robust security, and
all the data you need to drive your business forward from day one.

Design and publish

Design every aspect of the engagement experience to suit your audience and match your brand. Then share it with the world.

Engineer appointment scheduling and digital engagement experiences in line with your business goals and customers’ needs
Flexible deployment

Embed booking calendars, interactive forms, and chatbots on your website or add them to one or more OnceHub-hosted pages.

Theme designer
All of OnceHub’s publishing options let you customize colors, images, backgrounds, logos, and icons. Customize our templates or start from scratch.
Custom URLs
Customize the URL of your OnceHub-hosted booking calendar link for a more consistent brand experience.
Personalized links

Allow your existing customers and known prospects to schedule your time without having to fill in details you already know.

One-time links

Allow individual customers to book a single session without providing them permanent and unfettered access to your time.

Automatic redirects

Redirect prospects and customers to particular web pages after they have scheduled a meeting.


Accommodate a global or multi-region audience with multiple languages and date and time formats.


Architect a seamless experience for your team with native and third-party integrations to the tools they use every day.

OnceHub-native and Zapier-enabled integrations to help you automate workflows across your business applications
Calendar integrations
Connect directly to your Google, Microsoft 365, Exchange, or iCloud calendars to manage your schedule and avoid double bookings.
Video conferencing integrations
Connect seamlessly and securely to video conferencing tools like Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom.
Native CRM integrations
Stay on top of the sales cycle by syncing contacts, events, and more to and from Salesforce and HubSpot.
Zapier-enabled integrations
Use Zapier to integrate to and from thousands of other third-party apps and tools, without the need for any custom coding.
APIs and webhooks
Use APIs and webhooks to develop your own integrations.

Security and compliance

Protect your business and data with our standard security features and advanced security and compliance add-on.

Protect your account, your data – and that of your customers – with enterprise-grade security and compliance features
Single sign-on
Use single sign-on to centralize authentication controls and prevent the proliferation of weak or reused passwords.
Two-factor authentication
Secure your account with multi-factor authentication, which requires users to verify their identity with more than just a password.
Access management controls
Assign role- and user-based permissions so users can only see or change data necessary for them to do their jobs.
Custom security policies
Adjust password policies, set session controls, and apply account lockout to further protect against unauthorized access.
Corporate calendar connection
Centralize calendar connection for all OnceHub users for an improved overall security posture and compliance management.
Invisible CAPTCHA
Use invisible CAPTCHA to prevent spam from bots that target online booking calendars.
Communication recordkeeping
Automatically save copies of customer communications, including by sending emails through a corporate mailbox or using BCCs to deliver copies of emails to an archive service.
Data processing opt-in
Customize booking calendars, forms, and chatbots to include disclaimers and controls for explicit consent to data processing under GDPR and other regulations.
Cookie banners integration
Apply cookie policies to chatbots and forms without a single line of code.


Manage your campaigns and team performance with data on new contacts, meetings, and other live and automated interactions.

All the data your team needs to turn sales, service, or support meetings into mutually beneficial conversations
Performance dashboard
Track key metrics like the number of leads captured and engaged booking calendars, chatbots, and forms, your lead engagement rate, and average time to engagement.
History and activity stream
Dig into the details of meetings, chats, and automated interactions from the activity stream. Look back on past chat transcripts to monitor and manage performance.
Attribution tracking
Track the sources of your bookings with UTM tags, so you know which marketing campaigns or channels are yielding the best results.
Data export and reports
Keep your executive team informed of your team’s progress with exported data and custom reports.

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