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Transform your website into a lead-generation powerhouse

Meet, the AI chatbot that excels at B2C consultative sales

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Creating an effective digital experience for your customer is difficult

In sectors driven by deep personal relations, businesses struggle to replicate that same level of engagement online. How do you understand each visitor’s unique needs, effectively communicate your value, and build trust to convert them into high-quality leads?

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An AI chatbot built for B2C consultative sales serves as the essential link between your online presence and potential customers; it’s an AI chatbot acting as your always-available sales representative.

Specifically designed for consultative B2C sales dialogues, it understands, engages, and guides your visitors just as your top-performing seller would.

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Higher quality leads at a lower cost

Your website ought to do more than just inform; it should engage, build trust, and convert. With, you can expect a significant uptick in high-quality leads, more dynamic online engagement, and an overall boost in how your services are perceived online – all at a reduced cost. key features

  • AI chatbot leveraging GPT-4
  • Extended knowledge base with your information
  • Out-of-the-box B2C sales templates (AI prompts)
  • Integrated human engagement – appointment scheduling,
    live chat, and instant video calls

Getting started is easy


Select a template optimized for your industry


Connect your information sources


Embed on your website or share with a link instantly enhances your digital sales process by engaging visitors with intelligent conversations, providing precise answers to their questions, and seamlessly transitioning them to your team—ensuring every interaction is both meaningful and productive.

How it works


Familiarize the AI chatbot with your business

Connect your website and other data sources so that can accurately respond on your behalf.


Teach the AI chatbot to behave like your star sales representative

Add custom instructions for controlling the conversion flow, tone of voice, style, and brand personality.


Optimize the handoff to a human

Define how selects the most suitable engagement option when handing the conversation over to a human.

Take a deeper look

Video: Adapting to your consultative B2C sales processes

Video: Optimizing the handoff to a human with 

Don’t fall behind: Embrace conversational AI or lose leads

In 2024, failing to leverage conversational AI means missing out on potential leads. Opportunities are lost in the cracks between static information and dynamic engagement. It’s time to bridge that gap.

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