Enhance the customer experience with live engagement - Introducing live chat and instant calls

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Introduction to Live Engagements Video

This is a quick introduction to live engagements.

While our scheduling functionality lets your  customers connect with you at a later time, live engagements give you the option to meet  customers now, through live chat or instant calls.

You can ensure that live engagements are only offered to ideal prospects or customers, by using bots or forms to qualify and route your visitors.

In this example, I'm only going  to offer live engagements to sales prospects who have a high budget. I'll select sales as the team I  want to speak to as a customer in this scenario and I'm going to  select $10,000 or more as my budget.

Here you can see I'm being offered  the live engagements options, and I'm going to select instant meeting.

If you're worried about having the  bandwidth to respond to live engagements, we've got you covered. You can set live  availability hours for times that suit you.

Connect your calendar, so you're  never interrupted during busy times. Or simply toggle your availability on and off as needed. You can even use routing rules in your forms and chatbots so that visitors are only presented with a live engagement option  when you're truly available and ready for them.

Like this: If our sales team  has at least one agent online, route visitors to the live engagement options. Otherwise, route them to scheduling only.

For detailed instructions on how to get  started with live chat and instant calls, visit help.oncehub.com or reach  out to our friendly support team.

With Oncehub, you can easily connect with your customers through live engagements, live chat and instant meetings.

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