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Tips for Using Instant Meeting Software for Sales and Marketing in 2023

There seems to be consensus that in order to engage with the consumer of the future, innovation is required at almost every stage of operational output. Let’s take a look at why it might be even more urgent than we thought. 

OnceHub CMO Aviram Hinenzon discusses the current state of sales and marketing, including the need for customer-centric strategies that consider the entire customer journey and immediate gratification expectations. 

What is the current state of sales and marketing as a whole and what major changes to the landscape currently impact businesses whose primary focus lies therein?

As Chief Marketing Officer, I observe a paradigm shift in the way business leaders create and execute customer-centric strategies. These approaches extend beyond traditional lead generation tactics to encompass an understanding of the entire journey customers take - with attention being a top priority due to its immense value. Furthermore, expectations for immediate gratification must be considered when developing solutions that drive success amidst ever-changing trends and diminishing levels of focus from consumers.

Are there any trends you think people should speedily implement into their sales and marketing processes to gain a competitive advantage?

Now more than ever, taking advantage of new opportunities is essential for success. With today's technological advancements and advancing speed-of-light communication systems, there’s no excuse to not capitalize on potential business prospects quickly. To stay ahead in a competitive market you need to explore ways of automating your referral process while maintaining control over the leads coming through - maximizing each opportunity that presents itself!

Speaking of instant meetings, there has been a lot of debate around scheduling protocol and etiquette. To wade into the fray of the age-old question, when do you think it is best to meet now and when is best to meet later?

Negotiation is a crucial component of any engagement or scheduling process. To reach successful resolutions, it's important that both parties express their needs and the urgency they feel in sorting out the issue at hand - these two criteria will ultimately inform an agreeable course of action when seeking agreement between all involved. When engaging with customers, it's important to assess their needs and how you can best meet them. Context is essential in determining the right approach; building a complete picture of the situation will help maximize efficiency when scheduling time together.

Sentiments vary when it comes to who schedules the meeting and who clicks attend. Do you have any personal tips on how to avoid potential slights and misinterpretations of intent when trying to set up an engagement with a stranger?

Gaining insight into the other side's goals is essential for creating a successful interaction. Oftentimes, sending a link to someone’s calendar can come off as domineering and could create an unappealing experience if there isn't any background context available. To avoid inadvertently establishing unrealistic expectations due to excitement or lack of understanding on either party's part, it pays dividends to pause and consider how best one might meet their needs to ensure mutual satisfaction. An effective approach to engagement starts with inquiring rather than assuming. By understanding someone’s urgency and availability, you can open up a range of possibilities that provide multiple pathways for participation instead of creating barriers. Having an array of diverse options allows flexible opportunities for everyone involved - ensuring future dialogues are not limited or hindered by potential roadblocks.

I think instant meetings are an extremely powerful tool where customer service and support are concerned. Can you think of any other business units that could benefit from the feature? 

Organizations can capitalize on FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) to provide improved customer experiences with the concept of instant meetings. In sales and marketing, responding rapidly often leads to greater success rates but there are many other scenarios where live engagement throughout a customer's life cycle could be beneficial; anticipate when customers might have problems before they even arise and swiftly respond through an engaging meeting experience. For example, for successful outcomes, a proactive attitude is essential in the world of finance. Rapid response capabilities that allow advisors to provide solutions and reassurance when clients experience portfolio dips or other poor performances can make all the difference between salvaging relationships and losing them for good. By embracing innovative approaches like on-demand meetings, financial professionals can stay abreast with client realities so they can preempt any potential issues before irreparable damage occurs.

Lastly, give us a hot take that people might not want to hear about the state of meetings in 2023.

Everyone wants to feel like they're given preferential treatment and time is a valuable resource - so why wait in line? Digitally, customers should be presented with the resources they need immediately, enabling them to make informed decisions. Options such as skipping ahead can provide visitors or potential clients access to helpful information quickly which may encourage further engagement. Presenting options without making one feel rude can increase customer satisfaction significantly, creating more value throughout the whole process.

Unfortunately, many companies still don't offer these options and may be in danger of losing customers if they fail to modernize their services. To be competitive in 2023, businesses need to adopt smarter meeting strategies and technologies that allow for on-demand engagement or scheduled meetings with the click of a button - because the customer experience is key.  This will ensure that their customers have access to seamless support, allowing them to make decisions quickly and efficiently. In short, when it comes to providing customer service in 2023: no waiting is allowed!

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