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Live chat Video | 5-minute explainer

Video transcript Hi there. I'm Elva from OnceHub and this is a 5-minute explainer video for live chat.

If you're looking for a longer video that walks you through the setup for live chat, we have that available on our website and YouTube channel. But this explainer live chat video is a great place to start.

So, what is live chat and how can it reduce your time to lead engagement?

The OnceHub platform is designed to help you capture, qualify, and engage with leads more quickly. We call that lead acceleration. It's all about eliminating the delays between an ideal visitor arriving on your website and them engaging with your team.

You can use our smart forms and chatbots to automate your lead capture and qualification. Then, include live chat, instant meetings, and scheduled meetings in your bots, forms and booking pages, to accelerate lead engagement.

You can use Live chat in ChatOnce and it’s coming soon to FormOnce. Offering leads live chat allows them to connect instantly with you or your team. Instant meetings are coming soon to FormOnce and ChatOnce and will allow leads to connect instantly with you or your team through a video call or phone call. And scheduled meetings can be used in all our products. They allow leads to schedule a time to meet with you or your team by video, phone, or in person.

We ran a survey recently and found that 50% of leads would prefer to connect using live chat. That's a huge opportunity for you to engage with more leads more quickly and to reduce your time to lead engagement.

OK, so let's look at how live chat works from the visitor's perspective.

First, they're going to interact with a form or a bot on your website that takes care of basic lead capture questions. For example, what's your name, email, company website, etc.

Next, the form or bot can ask them a few lead qualification questions. For example, how large is your team, what's your annual revenue, or when are you ready to start?

Now, your form or bot can give them a choice of lead engagement options. For example, join a live chat right now, start an instant video call, receive a phone call, or schedule a meeting.

Let's have a look at a live demo to see it in action.

We're using a standalone chatbot here as a landing page for a marketing campaign but the experience would be similar for a pop-up or targeted bot. And we’re using a financial services firm for this example but the approach would be the same for different industries.

As you can see, we’ve already captured the lead's name and email address in the bot. And we've qualified the lead with two screening questions… one about their annual income and one about their net worth.

So now we're offering this qualified lead a choice of engagement options… do you want to start a live chat right now, or schedule a meeting for later?

It's worth noting here that bot will only offer the live chat option if you and your team are actually available. If no one from your team is online, the bot can fall back to only offering a scheduled meeting.

OK, we'll go for the live chat option… and hey presto, we're chatting with Eloise.

Hi Jane, my name's Eloise. How can I help you today?

I have a few questions about retirement planning.

Great. Fire away!

Now, maybe Eloise and I have been talking for 5 minutes, and I'm ready to schedule a longer meeting with a specialist. I don't even need to leave the live chat conversation… Eloise can simply add a scheduling widget to our live chat and I can pick the date and time that works for me. The bot will only offer dates and times when you or your team are available, so there's never any risk of getting double booked.

…and that's it!

In a few clicks, the meeting is confirmed and the bot will automatically send out a confirmation email and a calendar invitation with a secure video conferencing link.

So, let's just recap what happened there…
We captured the lead by asking for their contact name and email…
We qualified the lead automatically by asking about their annual income and net worth…
And we offered engagement options… a live chat for instant engagement or a scheduled meeting for a later date.

We used the live chat for some instant discovery, and then scheduled a follow-up meeting with a specialist.

This is a very quick explainer for Live chat but there's so much more that it can do, we just can't fit it all into this video. But don't worry, we have more information, videos, and demos for you… just visit

Thank you for watching the online live chat video and we hope this was valuable. Have a great day!

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