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Prioritize your time in 2023 with Meeting Automation & Scheduling

We’ve just been in that special time of year when everyone pivots at breakneck speed from being a holiday-loving-normal-person-who-ate-too-much-over-the-festive-season to newly-minted aspirational luminaries of industry and productivity.

The best investment for your time is a meeting automation platform

To kickstart the year, it seems mandatory to first be subjected to legions of fitness proclamations, entrepreneurial intentions and even some light guilt-tripping regarding your own ambitions, or lack thereof.

Suddenly, February comes around and so much of that energy just… dissipates. Square one is looming, the phone is ringing, and you’re losing steam.

The root of this desperate need to prevail over your schedule and manage your meetings and track productivity is of course, time. The Average Working Person of the Year 2023 has to compete with a bevy of tasks, people, apps and problems that demand attention and carry the devastating power to drain yours. Maybe this year we can take a stand against the steep decline in energy and prop ourselves up to keep that new year spirit going just a little longer. Actually, a lot longer. 

The question and proverbial elephant in the room remains constant; is there truly a way for us to rein it in and take control or are we simply victims of circumstance doomed to get stuck somewhere between a calendar invite and a hard place?

We’d like to assume the former is a worthy goal and really quite possible, granted you make a few crucial changes. Let’s discuss!

If ‘Me Time’ is essential, then so is meeting automation 

If you’re still a ‘The Robots are Coming to Take my Job’ person, might we suggest becoming a ‘This Robot can Help me Do My Job’ person. Picture this, the year is 2023, your bot is in control of your meeting time availability, you’re only having conversations with the right people at the right time and your team gets notified when they need to do the same. Sounds good? 

Automation is perhaps the slightly less glamorous cousin of AI-generated script and art but that doesn’t make it any less revolutionary. Whether you use it as a meeting scheduler or a sales acceleration tool, you can divvy up previously time-consuming tasks between you, your team and a well-placed bot in little to no time. Check out how to get started with your own meeting journey builder now. 

Set things up now, save time later with meeting automations

Speaking of set-up, there’s a whole world of integrations ready, willing and able to help you lock in leads and make the most of the opportunities that come your way. Optimizing your bookings, calendar and live engagements becomes a lot easier when enlisting the help of some friends. 

Curate your meeting tools to suit your brand and business needs and use them in your channels to ensure that the folks perusing it are able to submit queries, secure meetings or booking availability and get adequate responses in doing so. 

If this is sounding stranger than fiction, head to our scheduling options to browse some options on how you can make it true. 

‘Idle hands’ are not the devil’s plaything 

Perhaps it still seems odd to advocate for time off as a productivity hack but research begs to differ. Mark Rosekind of Alertness Solutions found that amongst individuals studied, 80% of them saw spikes in productivity post rest period, and their reaction times saw a 40% increase as well. 

Even the Harvard Business Review, hallowed institution that it is, reports that persons who had taken at least 11 days of vacation were 30% more likely to get a raise. This information would surely send an office worker from the 70’s into a coma, but to us it should be an encouraging anecdote that PTO is NB indeed. 

With the stats in your favor, it really is imperative that you consider time away as an invaluable method for time better spent.

Meetings are optional, information is imperative 

Smarter bookings means smarter scheduling which inevitably means knowing when a meeting could’ve been an email. There is no reason to set yourself up for failure when you can incorporate a responsive and adaptive booking integration into your workflow that does the thinking for you and syncs to your level. 

If you’re in the business of saving time and spending quality amounts of it, check out some ways you can do so with smart scheduling for live engagements

Make sure your website does its job by integrating your software and automating processes

If you’re in the bookings or meetings game and your website does a lot of heavy-lifting in terms of promoting your services, getting your point across and sharing your availability, it stands to reason that you need it to be the best little website it can be. 

Allow us to hawk our wares for a second and show you some implementations that could help you do your thing, just… better. 

Our easy-to-use no-code solutions can help even the most novice of digital natives to give their domains a sense of enterprise and utility, so be sure to browse our tools and see what they’re capable of.

If you’re looking to set yourself up for success, reach out to us and let’s explore your options together. With a little bit of elbow grease and gumption, you can equip yourself with tools and tricks that will not only free up your time but provide you with infrastructure that could transform the way you work, for good. 

Take a look at our meeting journey builder, unique approach to live engagements and scheduling options and get a grip on your daily grind.