ChatOnce | 5-minute explainer

Video transcript Hi there. I'm Elva from OnceHub and this is a 5-minute explainer for ChatOnce.

If you're looking for a longer video that walks you through the setup for ChatOnce, you’ll find it on our website and YouTube channel. But this video is a great place to start.

So, what is ChatOnce and how can it help you to capture, qualify, and engage with more leads more quickly?

Well, everyone's experienced one of those robotic chatbots that just captures or relays the same information with every visitor. ChatOnce allows you to create smart chatbots for your website and landing pages. They're smart because you can personalize the content and questions for each visitor. They're also smart because they can automatically qualify your leads and immediately offer them a live chat, an instant meeting, or a scheduled meeting.

ChatOnce also gives you multiple publishing options for your chatbots.

Standalone chatbots are the easiest way to get started. They can be built within OnceHub and simply shared as a link. They work great as landing pages for lead generation campaigns.

Pop-up chatbots can be added to your website to open from a button or a link. They’re perfect for calls-to-action on your website.

Targeted chatbots are great when you want to add bots across your entire website. You can build audience rules to make sure that the right visitors get the right chatbot at the right time.

For this video, we're going to look at how a standalone chatbot could be used as a landing page for a marketing campaign.

Here's a live example where we've created a standalone chatbot. We're using a financial services firm as the example here but the approach is the same for different industries. We're going to start with a greeting, and a very simple question that's designed to get the visitor engaged.

Welcome and thanks for visiting! Would you like to learn more about our financial services? Yes, please.

We help our clients plan for independent financial futures. Our services include tax planning, investment advice, and wealth management. Would you like to talk with someone from our team about your financial plans?
Yes, please.

Today we're going to be Jane Smith. And our email is going to be

OK, now we have a qualification question: What's your annual income? You can configure these screening questions however you want and you can decide which responses count as "qualified" or not. In this example, we're going to go large and select an annual income of more than $200k.

Which brings us to a second qualification question: What's your net worth? Again, we'll go large and select a net worth of more than $5m.

Great. Jane has passed both qualification questions and now it's time for some lead engagement: How would you like to connect with our team?

Now, if Jane hadn't passed the qualification questions, then we could have used conditional routing to show a completely different message, perhaps saying that someone would get back to her by email.

But… Jane is a qualified lead and she's going to select live chat because she's keen to talk with someone right away. One moment… I'm connecting you with a member of our team… Now, if there's no one available for a live chat, the bot would fall back to offer a scheduled meeting instead.

Hi Jane, my name's Elva. How can I help you today? I have a few questions about retirement planning… Great. Fire away!

But let’s rewind, and see what would happen if Jane had chosen to schedule a meeting instead.

Jane can choose a date and time that works for her schedule. And as ChatOnce will only offer times when your team is available, there's never any risk of your team members getting double booked either. We'll pick our preferred time and click confirm… …and that's it! The meeting is confirmed and ChatOnce will automatically send out a confirmation email and a calendar invitation with a secure video conferencing link.

So, let's just recap what we were able to do with the bot…
We captured the lead by asking for their contact name and email…
We also qualified the lead automatically by asking about their annual income and net worth…
And we offered lead engagement options… a live chat for instant engagement or a scheduled meeting for a later date.

This really is a very short introduction to ChatOnce but there's so much more that it can do, we just can't fit it all into this video. But don't worry, we have additional information, templates, demos and more on

Thank you for watching and we hope this was valuable. Have a great day!

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