ChatOnce | 15-minute walk-through

Video transcript Hi there, I’m Elva from OnceHub and I’m here to give you a 15 minute walk through of ChatOnce.

If you’re looking for a shorter video, we also have a 5 minute explainer to help you get started.

You can access our help center and 24/7 live chat support within the application at any time.

And you’ll find lead acceleration inspiration and ideas on our blog.

In this video, I’ll show you how to build smart chatbots to capture, qualify and engage with leads in minutes not days.

I’ll cover three areas:
The different ways to publish bots / Different bot types
How to use the bot builder
And how to use audiences and targeting for targeted bots

OnceHub has three different bot types

Standalone bots can be built within OnceHub and simply shared as a link. Here’s an example of one created as a landing page for a marketing campaign.

Pop-up bots can be added to your website to open from a call to action, such as a button or a link. They’re great if you want all visitors to a specific page to have the option to interact with a bot.

Lastly, we have Targeted bots. Targeted bots can be added to your website, but will only appear to audiences you specify. For example, if your website gets traffic from all over the world, but you only serve clients in the US. You can create a targeted bot that will only appear to US visitors.

To get started, log into OnceHub, select Setup, ChatOnce, then click, Create bot.

Here we’ll choose the standalone bot type.

Building your bot experience is the same process regardless of which option you choose, but standalone bots are a great one to try first as they’re so easy to share.

Next you’ll see the option to choose a template. These are pre-built bots so you can just edit a few details and go live. If you’d like to preview them, you’ll find interactive versions on the ChatOnce page of our website.

But for this video, we’re going to choose to start from scratch.

Here you can see the bot builder. And on the right, you can see the interactions pane. This contains all the questions, messages and action fields you’ll need to build smart chatbots.

For this example, let’s say we’re a digital services firm. We help our clients optimize their e-commerce businesses, and we qualify leads based on their level of website traffic.

For visitors who qualify, our sales team would like to chat to them straight away. So we’re going to offer live chat, but we’ll also give them the option to schedule a call if that would suit them better.

Let’s start by adding all the interactions we’ll need.

First, I’ll add a greeting - it’s a chatbot, so we can keep it conversational and friendly. - Hi there!

And let’s see if they’d like to learn more, or just browsing.

Would you like to learn more about how we can help your business succeed?
Yes, please
No thanks
Just browsing

What’s your expected website traffic in the next 12 months?
Under 100k visitors
100-300k visitors
300k+ visitors

What’s your email address? For visitors who don’t qualify for an instant engagement, but who our sales development representatives may want to reach out to.

For visitors who do qualify to speak to us immediately, we’ll ask how they’d like to engage.

How would you prefer to connect?
Live chat > Live chat action
Schedule a meeting > SM action >
End message

Thanks, someone from our team will be in touch.

Let’s have a look at some more advanced lead acceleration options in the actions tab.

Email alerts
Update contact status
Sync contact to CRM

And it’s as simple as that to build a bot that can qualify leads, and offer live chat or scheduled meetings.

We’ve created this as a standalone bot, which means anyone with the link can interact with it. But let’s say we built this as a targeted bot instead. Then only visitors who fit certain criteria will ever see it. That could be really useful if for example, we get a lot of traffic internationally, but only work with clients in the US.

Let’s take a look at how we’d set that up.

For our targeted bot, let’s take the example I mentioned earlier, of a company whose website attracts international traffic, but they only serve the US market.

I want to create a bot that only reaches out to those US visitors. I’ve already created a targeted bot here for that purpose.

Next, click on Targeted bot settings.

First, I’ll set up who the Audience is that I want to target. (US returning visitors) Then I’ll go to Targeting to set the rules for when this Audience should be targeted, and which bot should target them.

So I’ll select that Audience. And I’ll say, I only want them to be targeted when time on site is more than 12 seconds. And I want them to be targeted by that bot.

But I could set up other rules here for pages they’re on, and have different bots target them in different ways in different places.

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