Oncehub - Scheduling - Analytics


Spot trends, manage your team and continuously improve the customer experience, and your KPIs. Get the information you need on visitors, contacts, live chats, calls and meetings.

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OnceHub - Quick Insights

Spot trends and get quick insights

Monitor trends and engagement rates at a glance from your dashboard.

Understand your funnel. Check how many people have seen pages, chatbots and forms, the number of contacts captured and how many people have engaged with your team.

Filter real-time insights by date, forms, chatbots, booking pages and engagement methods.

Oncehub - Activity Details

Get all the details of past and future activities

Dig into the details of meetings, chats and automated interactions from the activity stream.

Filter by bots, forms and UTM parameters to analyze responses and campaign results.

View contact details and visitor history to prepare for meetings or look back on past chat transcripts to monitor and manage agent performance.

Oncehub - Share Reports

Share reports to keep colleagues informed

Download and share reports on meeting types, booking pages, customers, staff and revenue. Save reports as CSVs, Excel or PDFs.

Use filters on your activity stream to export and share in-depth information on relevant interactions.

Plug OnceHub data into your own systems in real-time or periodically with our API and webhooks.

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