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OnceHub Forms: Interactive All-in-One Routing, Qualification and Scheduling

Why meeting context is king

Context reigns supreme when thinking of tactics that help you to achieve optimal results and making the most of your engagements. Without it, we’re firing off into the dark and hoping for the best. While spontaneity can still be somewhat effective, it does have an element of chaos that could hinder as much as it helps. 

Gathering context is vital for routing and qualification in various fields. It helps efficiently direct inquiries, personalize interactions, and solve problems by understanding the nature and history of the issue. Context also aids in qualifying leads or opportunities, leading to more effective resource allocation. 

Context enhances communication, fosters data-driven decision-making, and can lead to cost savings by reducing the need for transfers or escalations. Overall, context is essential for optimizing processes, improving customer experiences, and achieving better business outcomes.

When we equip ourselves with insight and knowledge, we essentially shift the odds in our favor and create opportunities for success. Having additional information at our disposal that can provide a peek into our prospects and customers’ environments and situations allows us to do a better job of meeting with them and drafting relevant propositions for collaboration. 

How to get the information you need

One of the ways we have addressed the problem of context is via OnceHub Forms. OnceHub Forms is a feature that allows you to create custom online forms and questionnaires that can be integrated with your scheduling and booking processes. These forms can be used for various purposes, such as gathering important information from clients or customers before they book an appointment or service.

Some of these purposes include: 

Pre-appointment questionnaires

You can create forms to collect specific information from clients or customers before their appointments. This information can be used to better prepare for the appointment or to tailor the service to their needs.

Customer feedback surveys

After an appointment or service, you can send out feedback surveys to gather valuable feedback and insights from your clients or customers.

Intake forms

If you offer services that require specific information from clients, such as medical history or preferences, you can use forms to collect this information efficiently.

Registration forms

If you're organizing events or workshops, you can create registration forms to collect attendee information and preferences.

Forms is a flexible tool that can be customized to your specific needs. It helps automate the data collection process and can be integrated with your scheduling and booking workflows, making it easier to manage appointments and provide a better customer experience. 

Simply put, our Forms are the ultimate context creating tool, and making use of them can quickly provide you with information that would otherwise take hours to accumulate. 

Interactive Routing and Qualification

One of the main draws of OnceHub Forms lies in their interactive nature. The tricky thing about automation is that you have to get people to actually make use of them, and if there are learning curves or barriers to entry this can be a hard sell. 

With Forms, you can create a series of questions that provide you with data without asking too much from your site visitors and prospects to boot. As the inputs required from visitors are minimal and can be accomplished quickly and seamlessly, you can rest assured that you’re getting the most from your automations without it coming at the expense of your visitors’ time. 

Qualification with Scheduling Action

Another key differentiating factor of OnceHub Forms lies in the robustness of their capabilities. Many routing implements only accommodate a single function, which can be difficult to manage as you have to navigate away in order to perform additional functions that convert or create successful engagements. 

With OnceHub Forms you can engage your visitors in a series of questions, capture data and follow up with a scheduling action to ensure that your conversational approach to gathering information can help you to actually schedule time with prospects. You can customize and configure your forms with a variety of interaction types so you can get results and present options in one go. 

Routing Map View for Forms and Chatbots

If your series of questions is starting to balloon out of control and there is a need to rein it in and make sense of your narrative, you can simply toggle the routing map view and assess your qualification from a bird’s eye view. 

The routing view is a lifesaver when dealing with increasingly complex conversational scenarios, and is available for Forms and Chatbots. 

A robust way to route and qualify

OnceHub forms are an incredibly versatile tool for businesses seeking to qualify leads and gather context efficiently. Their diverse customization options allow you to create tailored forms, which can serve as pre-screening tools to ensure engagement with the right individuals at the right time. These forms collect contextual information through open-ended questions, aiding in personalized interactions and greater opportunities for deeper and more contextual engagements. 

Integration capabilities with CRM systems and automation features streamline data transfer and save you time. Analytics and reporting tools provide insights for continuous improvement, all while ensuring a user-friendly experience and compliance with data security regulations.

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