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Online scheduling for the modern financial advisor

The modern financial advisor must be a good juggler. Clients are top priority, but appointments with them must be balanced with running a business. This, combined with a new generation of tech-savvy clients, requires financial advisors to use new tools to stay competitive.

Online scheduling can be a powerful tool to help you connect with clients and boost efficiency. Whether you conduct appointments with prospective clients, or periodical reviews with existing clients, online scheduling can be a game changer for managing your schedule in today's day and age.

Here are three benefits of using online scheduling in the financial services industry.

Streamline scheduling for periodical reviews

Scheduling your periodical reviews with clients can be time consuming. You email them a reminder that it is time to schedule, and then they need to get in touch. Today's clients expect a simple solution for responding to your reminder. With online scheduling, you can include a personalized scheduling link in your emails. Clients can simply click the link, and select a time that is convenient for both you and them. Your clients will appreciate how easy it is to schedule, and it will save you time.

Keep your calendar up-to-date

You are managing a packed calendar. You have client meetings, conferences, and internal meetings to attend. Keeping your calendar up-to-date is key to ensuring you are never double booked and never miss a meeting. ScheduleOnce connects with your calendar in real-time to block availability when you have other engagements and add calendar events whenever a client schedules a meeting. This makes it easy for you to effortlessly keep track of your schedule.

Save time with web conferencing

Virtual meetings are becoming more common. In fact, they are even preferred by clients who are juggling busy schedules themselves. Creating web conferencing sessions adds another step to your scheduling process. With ScheduleOnce's web conferencing integration, you can automate the creation of web conferencing sessions. When a customer makes a booking, they will receive web conferencing information in their booking confirmation and in the calendar event. This saves you time and presents a professional image to your customers who will receive all meeting details in one place.

This article is a sneak peek of our webinar on online scheduling for the modern financial advisor. Watch the full webinar here