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Routing Map View for OnceHub Forms: Your New Best Friend

Map view for OnceHub routing forms

As with our recent release for all OnceHub chatbots, you can now view all of your OnceHub forms via the routing map. When you’re greeting visitors with a form or conversation, you are essentially finding a way to speak to them that illuminates your insight and allows them to convey their needs in an intuitive and user-friendly way. 

Sometimes these conversations can be built with the best of intentions, but get snagged somewhere along the way and end up at an impasse. With the traditional builder view, these snags or dead ends can be very difficult to identify and correct, as sometimes the conversations we build for our visitors can become rather complex in nature. 

Why is routing and qualification important for routing forms

Routing and qualification are essential processes in a variety of business contexts. They are particularly important to sales and marketing driven operations as they play a pivotal role in optimize organization's resource allocation and improving customer experience, and both of those play extremely important roles in enhancing overall operational efficiency. 

Routing refers to the directing of incoming inquiries, leads or tasks to the most appropriate person or department within an organization. On the other hand, qualification is concerned with assessing the suitability of a lead, customer or even a request against predefined criteria. 

Together, these two processes contribute to a more seamless and personalized customer journey by swiftly connecting customers to the right representatives who possess the necessary expertise. Routing and qualification ensure that each customer-centric interaction is tailored to the customer’s actual needs, thereby allowing the organization to deliver a superior service and experience.  

On top of that, these processes enable companies to make the most of their resources, increase their productivity and drive revenue growth by optimizing the way they allocate time, skills, and efforts. In competitive business landscapes, where efficiency and personalized services are paramount, effective routing and qualification are crucial components of a successful customer engagement strategy. 

Why the map view upgrades your routing and qualification

Simply put, the routing map view allows you to see where it is that your conversational flow could be going south or hitting a dead end. By enabling you to visualize your flows and see your conversational routes from a bird’s eye view, you are able to spot any mistakes in a much easier and digestible way. 

The routing map view allows you to navigate the entirety of your routing and qualifying questions, so that you can configure them with pinpoint accuracy and make sure you’re leading customers throughout the conversation with no pitfalls or redundancies. 

It is a simple yet effective tool that complements the builder view expertly, and affords you the control necessary to ensure you’re always speaking sense and asking the right questions at the right time. 

Whereas the more linear and straightforward view afforded by the builder view gives you a firm grasp on the kinds of questions you can ask and the interactions available to you and your visitors, the map view provides you with a fresh perspective and the means to create meaningful, ironclad conversational journeys that empower both you and your customers. 

Financial advisor routing map view scenario

So let’s say you are a financial advisor, and you’re looking for a way to route, field and qualify incoming leads so that you are able to provide them with your services in a seamless and intuitive way.

One of the best ways you can do so is by creating a OnceHub form that allows you to see who of your visitors need what, and in turn you provide them with the means to specify and lead the process by providing insight and information. 

The OnceHub form setup enables you to qualify your visitors in any way you see fit, simply by asking the right questions. Some examples of these qualifying criteria include: 

  • You can route according to age range. 
  • You can route according to country or geographical location.
  • You can route according to salary range. 
  • You can route according to language. 
  • You can route according to service. 
  • You can route according to qualifying conditions determined earlier in your flow. 

Say you want to add all of the above questions as possible options in your OnceHub form. Chances are that you’ll be in need of a complex and intricate conversational flow to do so in a way that feels natural and intuitive. By making expert use of the routing map you can create a flow that works for you and your visitors and move them through the dialogue in a way that feels progressive and ends up in a productive result. 

If you were to only make use of the builder view, this could very easily turn into a never-ending barrage of questions or lead customers into repetition that feels janky and cumbersome. By switching over to the map view, you can assess these conversations and interactions in full and create a more elegant journey to conversion and set yourself up for success when the time comes to pick up the phone or schedule a meeting. 

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