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Streamline customer onboarding with online scheduling

When a prospect becomes a customer, a smooth onboarding process has the power to secure long-term trust and loyalty. You want to provide your new customers with all the tools they need to adopt your technology in the shortest amount of time. This means being available to customers to conduct setup, training, and installation sessions.

For onboarding sessions to provide value, customers need to be able to schedule them immediately upon purchase. With online scheduling, organizing these sessions can be an integral part of your workflow. Customers will seamlessly be able to schedule their onboarding sessions, and you will conduct more sessions, reduce time to implementation and increase customer satisfaction.

There are many ways to offer online scheduling in your onboarding flow. Here are a few methods our customers have found successful.

Offer scheduling in your lifecycle email campaign

Your lifecycle email campaign helps new customers get started and learn about your product. With online scheduling, you can invite customers to book with you in your email campaign. Each email recipient receives their own personalized scheduling link. They simply click on the link, and select a time, without having to provide any information you already have. The process is quick and seamless, and new customers will be impressed with how easy it is to find a time to meet.

Schedule onboarding with top accounts

You give special attention to top accounts to ensure they know their business is highly appreciated. Account managers are in direct contact with these accounts to help them make the most of your product. With online scheduling, account managers can schedule onboarding sessions on behalf of customers, or send personalized scheduling invitations. You will be able to provide exceptional service and a seamless onboarding to top accounts.

Add a scheduling call-to-action in your app

Adding a scheduling call-to-action in your app is a great way to ensure customers schedule when they are already engaged. Customers who click on your scheduling button, widget, or embed are identified by their login and can quickly make a booking by selecting the best time for them. With this option, customers will be encouraged to take advantage of your onboarding sessions, and will be ready to learn how to maximize your product's benefits.

Integrate scheduling with your online training catalog

Offering classes, webinars, and other training sessions is a great way to ensure adoption of your product. Whether your courses consist of single or multiple sessions in a private or group format, your customers can easily schedule sessions on the spot. If you charge a fee for your training courses, payment can be fully integrated into the booking process. Customers select the course, choose a time, pay for their session, and receive immediate confirmation of their booking and payment in a single action. Your customers will be impressed with the process and be more likely to take advantage of the resources you provide.

This post is a sneak peek of our webinar about using online scheduling for customer onboarding. To learn more, watch the full webinar here.