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Transforming printing services with OnceHub

ABG Print is a 24-hour, on-demand printing company based in New York City. They serve a range of high end customers, including Fortune 500, law firms, and investment banks.

In recent years, ABG Print observed that inhouse print expertise is decreasing, and businesses prefer to outsource to expert vendors. They needed to create a personalized customer experience so they could become a partner, rather than just a printer.

Unfortunately, Covid hit them hard, as it did so many businesses. ABG Print had to get their core customers back quickly. Limited resources led them to prioritize their next steps. They began looking for tools that could support businesses with limited resources.

They began by looking at what big, smart companies out there were doing to attract business. They started with a lead database and email outreach campaigns. Then, they noticed that everyone was trying to get meetings to sell them something. It seemed to be working for the big, smart companies. They realized an account-based marketing model could work well for them. They decided to try it too.

Enter OnceHub

How could ABG Print create personalized experiences and become a partner to their customers? 

They needed a way to have personalized interactions with prospects. They also needed to automate and accelerate their lead capture and qualification process.

A lot of software solutions in the market looked good, but were cumbersome to use, and missing some core features. After further research, they went with two products from OnceHub: ChatOnce and ScheduleOnce.

ChatOnce is a smart chatbot solution that engages and qualifies website leads. ScheduleOnce is a smart scheduling solution that books meetings with qualified leads and existing customers. In addition to its ability to qualify leads, ChatOnce helps to prove lead conversions with a definable action. Before this, defining conversions was a near impossible task.

Jesse Safir, President of ABG Print, said of OnceHub, “The tools are user-friendly and straightforward. I didn’t need any code know-how to implement them on our website. It means a lot that there are tools out there that can help a small business make a comeback.”

Companies like ABG Print are able to accelerate their lead qualification process quickly with personalized chatbot templates specifically built for their industry.

There are four types of chatbot strategies to implement for local services websites. 

  • Informational chatbots
    These help you to provide information or guidance to your website visitors. 
  • Lead capture chatbots
    These allow you to capture details from visitors who show an interest in your business.
  • Lead qualification chatbots
    These qualify website visitors with a few key questions before inviting them to join a live chat or an instant video/phone call with your team.
  • Lead engagement chatbots
    These invite leads to choose how they engage with your team: a live chat conversation, an instant video/phone call, or a scheduled meeting.

Jesse also said of ABG Print finding additional success as a seller of custom vinyl banners on Amazon, “People don’t want infinite options. When you give someone a blank canvas the results are bad, but when you give them a template, they’re happy.” This rings true for OnceHub, and it’s why we offer chatbot templates for common business scenarios. 

ChatOnce has over 70 bot templates for lead capture, instant scheduling, and qualified scheduling chatbots. Ideal for getting started quickly or when you want to create custom bots for landing pages. Why not try one now?