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Transforming professional services with OnceHub

BIZ Builder is a commercial business brokerage. They have been in business for 50 years, and are the largest brokers of their kind in California. They have hundreds of thousands of registered buyers on their system, and get a lot of repeat business. 

They receive over 400 enquiries a day, and everybody wants a meeting. For a small business team with specialist expertise, time is a scarce resource. It’s important for BIZ Builder to have a way to filter qualified leads through their system.

Enter OnceHub

BIZ Builder started using two OnceHub products to accelerate leads through their website. ChatOnce is a smart chatbot solution that engages and qualifies website leads. ScheduleOnce is a smart scheduling solution that books meetings with qualified leads and existing customers.

BIZ Builder only speaks to prospects if they book a call through their website. They use ScheduleOnce links all over their website to allow prospects to book a meeting at a time that suits the team. 

ChatOnce takes the scheduling process a step further. Website chatbots ask leads a selection of qualifying questions before they can book a meeting with the BIZ Builder team. 

BIZ Builder runs email campaigns generating leads to their website. Once visitors arrive at their website leads are accelerated through ChatOnce and ScheduleOnce, resulting in valuable meetings.

George Massalas, President and CEO of BIZ Builder said that OnceHub had helped him to edge the influx of business, “The website chatbot has worked very well for us. We are heavily reliant on this technology because of the volume of business that we do.”  

Companies like BIZ Builder are able to accelerate their lead qualification process quickly with personalized chatbot templates specifically built for their industry. 

We’ve identified four types of chatbot strategies to implement for professional services websites.

  • Informational chatbots
    These help you to provide information or guidance to your website visitors. 
  • Lead capture chatbots
    These allow you to capture details from visitors who show an interest in your business.
  • Lead qualification chatbots
    These qualify website visitors with a few key questions before inviting them to join a live chat or an instant video/phone call with your team.
  • Lead engagement chatbots
    These invite leads to choose how they engage with your team: a live chat conversation, an instant video/phone call, or a scheduled meeting.

Professional services chatbots are a perfect addition to your website experience for customers. ChatOnce has over 70 bot templates for lead capture, instant scheduling, and qualified scheduling chatbots. Ideal for getting started quickly or when you want to create custom bots for landing pages. It’s easier than ever to get started with a website chatbot. Why not try one now?