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Getting started with Live Chat and Scheduled Meetings

If you ever get stuck, check out our Help Center, or reach out to our customer success team by email or live chat.

How many websites put a contact form on their website and that’s that? This was fine ten years ago but neglects how much communication has changed.

Today’s buyers expect to engage in a way that suits them, when it suits them. Many even expect an immediate response, with 73% of people stating a preference for live chat1.

With OnceHub, offering live chat doesn’t mean you have to be available 24/7. Smart forms and chatbots will only offer live chat when you’re available. When you’re not, they can offer a scheduled meeting so you never miss an opportunity to engage.

Even if your default method of lead engagement is scheduled meetings, it’s not your only option. Your chatbots and forms can identify piping hot leads, so they're offered live chat, even if no other visitors are.

1. Live chat

Live chat is a fast, but still asynchronous engagement option. Buyers can send a message while doing something else and agents can handle conversations with multiple leads at once.

OnceHub also gives you lots of smart ways to manage your live chat resources.

  • Create live chat teams so leads are connected with the right people.
  • Customize your bots so live chat is only offered when agents are available.
  • Add scheduled meetings as a fallback if an agent misses a live chat request.

Publishing options: Live chat can be added to forms and chatbots.
Learn more about live chat >


2. Scheduled meetings

Scheduled meetings are a great fallback if no one is available to take a live chat. But they're also a great option for a lead who isn't free to dive into conversation right now. They give your customers more control over their time. Use them to create panel meetings, calendar events, reminders, follow-up emails and more.

There are smart ways to manage your resources for scheduled meetings too.

  • Create resource pools or teams to distribute meetings between team members. Pool agent availability, distribute round robin, or choose priority team members.
  • Set available hours so meetings are only scheduled at times that suit your team.
  • Agents can connect their calendars to ensure they're never double-booked.

Publishing options: Scheduled meetings can be added to forms, chatbots, live chat conversations and booking pages.
Learn more about scheduled meetings >

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1Source: Invesp

Did you know?

A user license for live chat, instant meetings, or scheduled meetings works across all our products. You don't have to pay extra to use each product!