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Do you sell my data to anyone?

No!  And we never will.

How do you keep my data secure?

We store your data in state-of-the-art, secure data centers hosted by Microsoft and Amazon in the United States.  We follow a Secure Software Development Lifecycle to ensure that our products incorporate security and privacy by design.  We have a comprehensive information security and privacy program that defines the policies and controls that everyone at OnceHub follows to manage your security and privacy.

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Who is my data shared with?

We use subprocessors to host our applications and to provide specific functionality within our services.  We perform due diligence on their information security practices and their data protection compliance prior to engaging with them.

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What rights do I have over my data?

Our Privacy Notice sets out the rights that you have over the personal data that we control.  You can exercise your rights by using our contact form.

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What legal agreements am I entering into?

To use our services, you must agree to our Master Services Agreement and our Data Protection Addendum.  We have also provided you with plain English guides to help you understand the key terms.

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What data do you collect from me?

We are fully transparent about the data we collect from you while using our services and interacting with us as a company.   Full details are provided in our Privacy Notice.

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