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Video transcript In the world of digital communications, meetings are easy. With busier and busier schedules, however, you have to be mindful choosing who to meet and when.

Before we can effectively interact with people, we must first understand their unique needs. Simply picking a date and time on a calendar is not enough - not without relevant business context.

With OnceHub's no-code meeting journey builder, you can design workflows and digital experiences that give your next business engagements a head start.

You can share calendar availability with booking links, turning the once-lengthy planning process into a simple exchange. Plus, you can ask follow-up questions to help you prepare for your next meeting.

When you want to learn about a visitor’s goals up front, simply add screening questions via an interactive form or chatbot and use routing to ensure you only meet with the relevant people.

Build rapport by offering visitors live chat or an instant call before they schedule a meeting. Live engagements foster trust, creating more meeting opportunities and more growth for your business. So why wait? Start building unique meeting  journeys today for better business engagements.