Pages - the ultimate tool for scheduling meetings with customers

Video transcript This is a quick introduction to our new tool - pages.

Pages let you collect information about your visitors in a user friendly way before offering them a relevant meeting type.

You can style interactions on your page in different ways.

Use a form, like here, to collect information and present scheduling. (Screen shows a form asking a question, and then presenting times to schedule.)

Or use a chatbot to collect and share information as well as offering scheduling. (Screen shows a chatbot responding to a visitor with information and a video about the business's services.)

With either style you can use the visitor's responses to route them to relevant next steps.

For example, here I'm going to indicate that I'd like to start a project with Jean Smith pretty quickly.

And I'm going to indicate that I have a high budget.

Based on those responses, I'm being routed to an in-depth, 60 minute call with Jean.

Whereas if I had selected a longer timeframe for starting the project, and a lower budget, I could have been routed to a quick 20 minute discovery call instead.

To build your own digital assistant like these simply go to pages within the OnceHub application.

We've loved seeing the pages our customers have built so far, and we can't wait to see what you'll create next.

For detailed instructions, visit or reach out to our friendly support team.