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Feature Spotlight: Display time slots in your customers' local working hours

Welcome to our first ScheduleOnce Feature Spotlight. Today, we’ll learn how to strategically display available time slots to your long-distance customers based on the working hours in their local time zone.

Let’s say you’re located in New York. You take meetings from 9 AM to 5 PM, but your customer is in California. They will see that 9 AM time slot as 6 AM. For an even more extreme example, let’s say you’re in Scotland instead. Your 9 AM time slot shows up as 1 AM in California. They might not even know you’re located in another country, and become confused as to why you’d make yourself available at that time.

Even worse, they might mistakenly select 1 AM, thinking their appointment is for 1 PM. This is a more common error than many realize. Your meeting would be scheduled at the wrong time, and you might call while they’re asleep or unavailable. Even if you catch it before the meeting and inquire, your customer could feel embarrassed for making the mistake.

To prevent this confusion and inconvenience, we’ve built in a feature that only shows time slots available in the customer’s working hours, based on their local time zone. You can go to Setup >> MeetMe pages >> Booking – Edit to configure this setting.

Note: If your MeetMe page is linked to services, you will instead go to Setup >> Services >> Booking – Edit, because each service’s booking settings are customizable to suit that service.


Scroll down to “Convert time slots to customer’s time zone” and select the second option, “Convert all time slots but only display slots during the customer’s local working hours.” You can choose which hours you want defined as ‘working hours.’ The default is 8 AM-5 PM.

Once you press save, your customers will only be able to view the time slots available during their local working hours. This safeguards your booking process as you correspond with people throughout the world.