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Happy Ending for Google Calendar Appointment Slots

In July 2011 Google announced a new feature in Google Calendar - Google Calendar appointment slots.  18 month later, Google is announcing that it will discontinue its Appointment slots feature on January 4, 2012.

When Google first launched appointment slots we were very surprised. No other calendar in the world has this type of feature so why is Google crossing the line into the scheduling space? Since ScheduleOnce integrates very tightly with Google Calendar and we basically do what appoint slots do and much more, we were worried that Google might be getting into our space.

However, as time went by, we saw users of Google Calendar appointment slots that were moving over to ScheduleOnce. Many were using the free plan and some were also purchasing our paid plans. Below is what we heard from new customers when they switched over from Google Appointment slots to ScheduleOnce:

  • GCal slots required that the customer sign in with a Google Calendar account - ScheduleOnce has no such requirements and customers do not need to sign in - They simply click the link and do what they need to do
  • GCal slots did not work well with time zones - ScheduleOnce works great with time zones. Learn about our time zone support
  • GCal slots were missing some essential features and settings that people found even in the free ScheduleOnce plan

Everyone knows that if Google wants to improve on the above they can easily do it and it is our guess that they had to take a decision - Either to improve their appointment slots and get into the scheduling space or get out of it altogether.  We are glad they chose the latter and will focus on making Google Calendar better than ever.

So we would like to extend a warm welcome to all Google appointment slots users. ScheduleOnce is a great alternative to Google Calendar appointment slots and our free plan can do everything that Google Appointment slots could do and much more. All you need to do is to signup on the scheduleonce.com/pricing page.