Use Keap with OnceHub

Capture contacts and keep all records of your interactions accurate and up to date

Integration type

  • Native

Available on

  • Enterprise

Use cases

  • CRMs and marketing automation

Keap is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) and e-commerce platform. Keap helps its small business customers manage their contacts, automate marketing campaigns, and streamline sales processes. Many are users of OnceHub too.

It’s important that CRMs like Keap always hold the most accurate and up-to-date data on prospects and customers. So, when your customers and prospects interface with OnceHub on your website or booking page, you’ll want that information updated on Keap reliably and securely. Our native integration ensures just that.

Benefits of using OnceHub with Keap

Automatic syncing of contacts

Automatic updating of contacts

Maintain accurate records across your most important tools by automatically updating Keap with contacts and qualifying leads captured through OnceHub.

Automatic syncing of activities

Automatic updating of activities

Seamlessly update Keap with information on new or updated bookings and related activities for a 360-degree view of the customer.

improved booking experience

Improved booking experiences

For contacts already held in Keap, you can pre-populate booking forms with the necessary data or skip forms completely, improving conversion rates.

Seamless workflow

Streamlined workflows

You’ll save time on administrative tasks and boost your team’s effectiveness and efficiency by integrating scheduling and related data seamlessly into existing CRM workflows.

Nice and simple

Scheduling appointments with OnceHub is quick, easy, and eliminates the tedious back and forth associated with finding a time that works for everyone. Now, meetings can be set up in seconds and start on time, with no initial technical set up required.

Keap integration through Zapier

OnceHub offers a native Keap connection to sync contact and activity data, but you can also choose to integrate using Zapier for a range of additional use cases.

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