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A pop-up window for your MeetMe page

A growing number of customers are choosing to embed their MeetMe page into their website. But what do you do when your site is narrow or when you want to embed the MeetMe page into a narrow space?

Angela Ruckman from Getter Done Gurus Services was kind enough to share with me a recent post from her blog in which she explains how to create a pop-up window for your MeetMe page.

You can click the above link to read the full details on Angela's blog and also see how she implemented it for her own MeetMe page. If you just want to grab the code you can get it from here:

<a href="#" onclick="Popup=window.open('http://meetme.so/angelar', 'Popup', 'toolbar=no, location=no, status=no, menubar=no, scrollbars=no, resizable=yes, width=1064, height=800, left=350, top=20'); return false;">Schedule Time with Angela R</a>

Note that you will have to change meetme.so/angelar to your MeetMe link and the text "Schedule Time with Angela R" to the text that you want to have for yourself.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us via our support site.