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New release - ScheduleOnce 2.6

Yes, we are cranking out releases at a fast pace... The list of requirements is growing by the day and we are doing our best to keep up :)

ScheduleOnce 2.6 is a minor release. Most of the release is about bug fixes and improvements behind the scenes but a few items are worth mentioning:

Faster page loading with connected calendars: When we load a page that displays busy time we have to fetch the busy time in real time from Google's API. We have improved the way we get this information and those who are connected with many Google Calendars will feel the difference.

Improved graphic design for the personal home page: We have made some graphic improvements that make it easier to quickly see the information that matters most.

Week start day also applies to the MeetMe page: When you change the week start day in your account settings it will also change the week start day in the monthly calendar on your MeetMe page.

We are now working on SchduleOnce 2.8 which is expected in 2-3 weeks. This release will include key features that many of you are waiting for. Stay tuned.