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ScheduleOnce 3.2 is live - More control over your MeetMe page

ScheduleOnce 3.2 is live and it is all about giving you more control over your MeetMe page. The release adds a number of important features in three areas:

More control over time slots and when they are displayed

Accurate display of time slots is the heart of any inbound scheduling application. Here are some of the key problems that are solved by version 3.2:

  • You don’t want to be booked back to back and you need to have ample rest or travel time between appointments
  • You want bookings to happen sooner than later and place a limit on how far into the future people can make bookings
  • You want to limit the number of time slots that show on a given day and have them distributed evenly across the times in which you are available.

More flexibility in appointment duration

It is now possible to use 5 minute resolution in Automatic booking mode. This means that appointment duration and all relevant settings can be specified in 5 minute increments. An appointment can be as short as 5 minutes.

More flexibility with the appointment subject

The appointment subject is an important tool for relating to the appointment. In some cases you as the owner would like to set the subject, and in other cases the subject is unknown and should be set by the user. We can now support both modes.

For the complete list of changes in ScheduleOnce 3.2 please see the What's new in version 3.2 article.