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Updates to our Terms of Use

We have updated our Terms of Use (now known as a Master Service Agreement) to better reflect our expanding product solutions and growing security and privacy obligations.

At the start of this year, we announced our acquisition of Reschedge, the world's best algorithmic scheduling engine. With this acquisition, we are now a multi-product solution helping our customers better connect with their prospects, customers, and candidates. This broadening of our solutions portfolio, meant we had to revise our Terms of Use. This is one of two primary reasons for the update.

The second reason? Our ever-growing commitment to security and privacy. We hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards and undertake significant efforts to ensure customer data is kept completely private and confidential. We apply sophisticated security measures to help protect our systems from evolving threats and work with industry experts to help ensure our ongoing compliance with leading global privacy regimes. As a result of these efforts, we are happy to accept much more rigorous privacy and security obligations under our contract with you.

We worked hard to ensure that our updated Terms of Use are clear, fair, and do not leave any doubt in the reader's mind. A team of privacy and security experts, lawyers, marketers, and company executives collaborated to make this happen. We appreciate that legal documents can sometimes leave you blurry-eyed and confused. To help you easily navigate through our new Terms of Use, we added a "simply put" version besides each section of the agreement. Everything is laid out for you to follow: no guessing required and no hidden terms. We are confident in the fairness of our agreement and have gone the extra mile to be as transparent as possible.

We encourage you to read through it! We are excited to now offer our customers a beautifully simple way of contracting with us for our products and services.

Read our new Master Service Agreement

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