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Use pop-up chatbots to capture, qualify, and engage leads

OnceHub allows you to create smart, personalized, and fun chatbot experiences for your website visitors. You can use these bots to capture, qualify, and engage with leads in minutes, not days.

There are three different publishing options available in OnceHub. These are standalone bots, pop-up bots, and targeted bots.

Standalone chatbots are the easiest way to get started with OnceHub. You can build one in a few minutes and then share it using a standalone link. They're great for campaign landing pages and there's no need to update your website!

Pop-up chatbots are ideal when you want to add a chatbot to a link or button on your website. For example, you could add a button on your pricing pages that pops up a customized pricing chatbot.

Targeted chatbots are great when you want to add chatbots across your entire website. You can build audience rules to make sure that the right visitors get the right chatbot at the right time.

What is a live pop-up chatbot?

Pop-up bots allow you to add a bot to a button or link on any of your website pages. You don't even need to redesign the layout. Simply add the pop-up code to a button on your page and the bot will appear as soon as it's clicked.

What are the benefits of live chat pop-up chatbots?

Pop-up bots can use a strong call to action at the precise point in a page when you want your website visitor to experience them. This ensures your bot never arrives too soon or too late for your leads. At the right time, when the visitor is ready, they make the choice to chat with your bot.


Use live pop-up chatbots on website landing pages

One good way to use a pop-up bot is by creating a website landing page for a marketing campaign. With focused content, and a strong call to action button, your pop-up bot can appear at the perfect moment. The bot can capture your leads information, and ask qualifying questions. If the lead is qualified, the bot can immediately offer them a choice of engagement options - live chat, instant meeting, or scheduled meeting.


Use live pop-up chatbots on website contact pages

There are many teams who have different contact methods for different departments. You can use pop-up bots on your contact pages to make sure the right people engage with the right team members. For example, on your website’s main contact page, you may offer the option to talk to your sales, support, or legal team. Depending which button the visitor selects, a different bot will pop up to engage with them. You could then have the correct team set up to instantly engage with qualified leads through each bot.


Use live pop-up chatbots on website pricing pages

When a website visitor is on your pricing page, you can assume they have an intent to purchase. This is a great opportunity to have a CTA button prompting them to talk with your sales teams. This button could pop up a fun, interactive and engaging chatbot. Your bot will capture their information quickly, qualify in seconds, and instantly connect leads to the correct person in your team through a live chat, instant meeting, or scheduled meeting.


Use pop-up chatbots for account-based marketing

Pop-up bots can work well on landing pages you create for marketing campaigns such as paid targeted ads or emails. You can capture important lead information with bot questions, and then personalize the conversation flow and content based on account data you’ve gathered.


What other types of OnceHub bots are available?

Pop-up chatbots are a great way to offer a clear CTA engagement at the right point on a page. But, they aren’t your only option.

  • Standalone bots are the easiest way to get started with OnceHub. You can create and share bots without having to make any changes to your website. Each standalone bot has its own unique link which you simply add to your emails or marketing campaigns.
  • Targeted bots are ideal when you want to create multiple bots that target visitors across all the pages on your website. You can create multiple bots that target visitors with personalized content based on what pages they're viewing or how they arrived at your website.

How do I get started with ChatOnce?

If you're new to OnceHub, you can get started with a free Starter account. It's completely free for 3 users.

If you're an existing OnceHub user, you don't need to pay extra to start using OnceHub! Your existing user licenses for live chat, instant meetings, or scheduled meetings will work across all our products. Why not get started with one of our ready-to-go templates?

Did you know?

A user license for live chat, instant meetings, or scheduled meetings works across all our products. You don't have to pay extra to use each product!