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Version 9.1 is live – New InviteOnce calendar integrations and two-factor authentication

We're pleased to announce that Exchange and Office 365 calendar integrations are now available in InviteOnce. We've also released two-factor authentication for extra account protection.

With our latest 9.1 release, we’ve made calendar connection improvements for InviteOnce including connections for both Exchange and Office 365 calendar users. What's more, we've improved the functionality of the Google Calendar integration.

In addition to our calendar integrations, we've released two-factor authentication for adding an extra layer of protection to your OnceHub account. You can read more about two-factor authentication and account security policies in our blog.

The release of two-factor authentication is a good opportunity to revisit our account protection features. Our CEO will be hosting a 30 minute webinar about securing your OnceHub account.

For more details about the 9.1 release and links to the relevant help articles see the What's new in version 9.1 article or watch our webinar on Securing your OnceHub account below:


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