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Version 9.3 is live: ScheduleOnce one-time links

With ScheduleOnce one-time links, you now have complete control over your ScheduleOnce bookings.

Customers can make a single booking only without being exposed to your underlying booking page link. One-time links can be personalized, allowing the customer to pick a time without having to fill out the booking form. Learn more about one-time links.

One-time links are not new to OnceHub. Earlier this year, we released InviteOnce which allows you to create a specific configuration for each booking. Since each InviteOnce booking is meeting-specific, it uses one-time links. In fact, all InviteOnce meetings always use a link which is good for one booking only.

With this release, we are now extending the use of one-time links to ScheduleOnce, allowing you to take advantage of the generic links you are already using, and use them under tighter control.

ScheduleOnce one-time links key features:

  • Good for one booking only - One-time links are good for one booking only, eliminating any chance of unwanted repeat bookings. One-time links can be easily generated from different locations in your OnceHub account. When created, the link is automatically copied to your clipboard with one click, allowing you to quickly generate multiple one-time links that can be sent to different customers.
  • Keeps your booking page link private - One-time links take the form of an eight-digit code that does not reveal your underlying booking page link. A customer who receives the one-time link will only be able to use it for the intended booking, eliminating any chance of unwanted repeat bookings.
  • Personalized for a specific customer - One-time links can be personalized for a specific customer, allowing the customer to pick a time and schedule without having to fill out the booking form. The one-time link pop-up includes a built-in link builder, allowing you to quickly personalize the link using plain text, without having to create the full personalized URL.
  • Complete reschedule support - With one-time links, the customer is given the right to make one booking only. It is important that the customer does not lose this right if there is a need to reschedule the booking. As such, one-time links can be rescheduled by both the user and the customer, subject to the user-defined cancel/reschedule policy.

To learn more about this release read our article on What’s new in version 9.3 or watch our webinar below:


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