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Version 9.5 is live: InviteOnce now supports iCloud Calendar

With this release, you will be able to use InviteOnce with iCloud Calendar.  This is the final step in our migration of calendar integrations to the OnceHub platform.  

InviteOnce now supports all mainstream calendars on the market, including Google Calendar, Office 365 Calendar, Exchange/Outlook Calendar, and now iCloud Calendar.

As InviteOnce is an organizational tool and iCloud is not an organizational calendaring system, you may find yourself wondering how you can make the most of this recent development.  

If you are a solopreneur using iCloud Calendar and need to use InviteOnce to schedule meetings for yourself only, InviteOnce brings additional flexibility by enabling you to quickly create a unique scheduling configuration that perfectly matches each meeting scenario. 

If you are looking to use InviteOnce to schedule meetings with or for other users, the recently added support for iCloud Calendar will allow you to work with a user community that might not be part of the same organization. This is relevant if you are working with a community of independent vendors, contractors, advisors, mentors or any other group of independent professionals. In these scenarios, each member of the community may be using any of the main calendars - Google, Office 365, Outlook/Exchange, or iCloud Calendar. By enabling the connection to iCloud Calendar, we are now fully supporting any community scenario in which InviteOnce users need to connect to their calendar of choice. 

To learn more about InviteOnce, watch the Getting started videos

To learn more about this release read our article on What’s new in version 9.5  

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