Dashboard | 5-minute explainer

Video transcript Hi there. I'm Elva from OnceHub and this is a 5-minute explainer for the OnceHub Dashboard.

This is the OnceHub Dashboard. It's designed to help you accelerate your lead conversion rate and reduce your time to lead engagement. But before we get into the details of the dashboard, let's take a step back for a minute…

The OnceHub platform is designed to help you capture, qualify, and engage with leads more quickly. We call that lead acceleration. It's all about eliminating the delays between an ideal visitor arriving on your website and them engaging with your team.

You can use our smart forms and chatbots to automate your lead capture and qualification. Then, include live chat, instant meetings, and scheduled meetings in your bots, forms and booking pages, to accelerate your lead engagement.

But how do you measure what's working well and then identify areas for improvement?

That's where the OnceHub Dashboard comes into play. You don't need to do anything special to get the dashboard working… just start using smart forms, chatbots, and booking pages to capture, qualify, and engage with leads. Once you’re using these, the dashboard will be updated automatically.

Let's start by looking at these 4 panels in the dashboard… Visitors seen, New leads captured, New leads qualified, and New leads engaged.

The Visitors seen panel shows how many website visitors were seen by your forms, bots, and booking pages. In this example, they were seen by a total of 34,000 visitors.

Next up, the New leads captured panel shows how many new leads were captured by your bots, forms, and booking pages. In this example, you captured 9,475 new leads, which is 28% of the 34,000 visitors seen. So, your lead capture rate is 28%.

The New leads qualified panel shows the current qualification status of leads that were captured in your selected date range. In this example, your bots and forms automatically qualified 6,225 new leads, which is 66% of the new leads captured. So, your lead qualification rate is 66%.

The New leads engaged panel shows the number of leads engaged and the number of live chat conversations, instant meetings, and scheduled meetings. In this example, your team engaged with 6,100 new leads, which is 64% of the new leads captured. So, your lead engagement rate is 64%.

Your dashboard also includes a Time to engagement panel. This shows the average time from initial lead capture to initial lead engagement. It's a great way of seeing how different lead engagement options have different times to engagement.

So, that's a very quick overview of the OnceHub Dashboard… but it's worth mentioning that you can also add filters to fine tune the data that shows in each of the panels.

We have some great content on our website that goes into much more detail on each of the metrics in the dashboard and how you can improve them… just visit www.oncehub.com/dashboard.

Thank you for watching and we hope this was valuable. Have a great day!

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